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NStar consolidates the effort of the trade and logistics stakeholders and concentrates on the basic procedures at the heart of trade activity: Harmonization, Coordination and Acceleration of trade and transport activities related to the movement of freight. A single end-to-end trade transaction may involve up to 30 different stakeholders, more than 40 documents, and over 1000 data elements. Efficient coordination between the different stakeholders facilitates the speed of trade, reduces trade transaction cost, and increases the competitiveness of national economies.

A Central Hub for Facilitation
The objective of NStar is to facilitate and expedite, and therefore reduce the cost of the movement of freight by fusing the generation, exchange, authentication and communication of the various items of information that direct the movement of goods and their means of transport, while satisfying regulatory and financial requirements.

Maximizing Utilization of Logistics Infrastructure
NFlow allows for the existing transportation infrastructure to be utilized in the most effective and efficient manner. The system is designed to achieve optimal utilization of logistics facilities. NFlow supports Transport and Trade Facilitation objectives targeting regional competitiveness, freight mobility, efficiency and national security. This is performed through maximizing the throughput in conjunction with the available physical capacity.

Real Time, Verified Data Exchange
NStar is solving the challenges of information dissemination between the services insurance, payments, etc. - bridging them together to do real-time instant data exchange - further reducing document interchange and processing time. NStar provides online services for the trade community; such as Traders, Banks, Shipping Lines and Agents, Clearing and Forwarding Agents, Insurance Companies, and Transporters.

NStar supports numerous services, integrating seamlessly between them to create a sophisticated and robust system for efficiently managing all aspects of trade and transport.

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