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NFLow is an advanced truck control system that ensures that the various transportation efficiency features are achieved, while also positively impacting the environment and safety. Transportation efficiency embodies a number of features including reduction of transit time, management of logistics capacities, flexibility in freight handling, adapting to changing circumstances, and tightening the transit process. These features determine the agility of the transportation sector to accommodate the diverse and frequently changing needs of international and domestic freight.

NFlow System
1. Technology: Nflow comprises a set of centralized web based modules which work with on-the-ground components to tackle fleet inefficiencies, operational complexities, and reduce cost.
2. Infrastructure: Part of the NFlow is an infrastructure component that is designed to provide the transportation sector with the following benefits:
  • A safe and secure area for early arriving trucks to be verified and staged before they are serviced by the stevedores.
  • Improved flow of traffic in and around port areas.
  • Physical reinforcement of operational management principles
such as early or late arrivals not impeding those that are on time.
3. Process Management: NFlow introduces TTF processes to streamline cargo movement, improve performance, and to work in conjunction with existing national regulations.
4. Manpower: Nafith employs, trains and monitors staff to effectively manage the Nflow systems.
NFlow collects, validates, and shares information with trucking company dispatchers, gate operators, and port authorities; reducing congestion by monitoring capacity utilization of roads and terminals. The system seamlessly coordinates the diversion and release of trucks to and from waiting areas and other locations. NFlow integrates with existing software systems to coordinate with departments of vehicle registration, transport authorities, ports, customs agencies, clearance agents, transport companies, and other entities; which means that stakeholders will not need to invest in new systems.

Maximizing Utilization of Logistics Infrastructure
NFlow allows for the existing transportation infrastructure to be utilized in the most effective and efficient manner. The system is designed to achieve optimal utilization of logistics facilities. NFlow supports Transport and Trade Facilitation objectives targeting regional competitiveness, freight mobility, efficiency and national security. This is performed through maximizing the throughput in conjunction with the available physical capacity.

Increasing Efficiency, Lower Land Transport Fuel Bills
Trucks play an important role in any national economy. Long-haul trucks provide timely door-to-door delivery of freight critical to the success of manufacturing processes. At the same time, trucking is an energy intensive form of freight transport and the industry‘s fuel bill is increasing due to continual increases in petroleum prices. NFlow improves truck fleet turn-around time and reduces idling times through eliminating unnecessary congestion, and ensuring the availability of cargo when the truck arrives at pickup or drop off locations.

Enhancing Security and Safety
NFlow provides a failsafe system of accountability for drivers and shippers. With full visibility of the truck, its driver and cargo, NFlow interfaces in real-time with transport Ministries, Customs agencies, economic zone authorities, security agencies and other stakeholders to ensure that only trucks with a valid business are being processed. Integrating with the official agency within that country, NFlow ensures that trucks are both registered to a company and is appropriately licensed for the different types of cargo , such as Hazardous material.

Empowering Strategic Planning
A key component which makes NFlow so valuable is the near real-time information delivery provided; covering truck movement, cargo movement, and additional key statistics. This information is accessible by all relevant stakeholders simultaneously, allowing for precise remote coordination on both short term and long term planning. Furthermore, NFLow provides a wealth of information giving decision makers a broader visibility essential for strategic planning

Reducing Environmental Impact
With its core objective having the right truck at the right time, the chaotic truck waiting times while engines are left running are eliminated; thus effectively reducing CO2 emissions. Through its infrastructure component, NFlow provides adequate waiting areas with proper facilities to cater for the needs of the truckers servicing ports and logistics facilities, thus enabling the areas around the ports to be fully utilized.

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