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NControl is an advanced supply chain management system that intelligently predicts loading and discharge quantities from point of origin to point of destination using sophisticated algorithms; saving significant costs in demurrage, overhead and frustration. NControl achieves this through an intelligent prediction system which manages the link between loading and discharge stations; comparing cargo on the trucks at both ends and creating a predictive system at the discharge location to predict estimated times of arrival at the discharge locations.

Some key impacts of NControl include:
+ Decrease in unnecessary loading of trucks at loading location + Management of logistics facilities capacities. + Large reduction in demurrage and operational overhead + Reduced fraud and enhanced accountability + More efficient short-term planning with broader visibility for all involved parties

Cost Reduction
A key feature of NControl is its sophisticated prediction system. Using a host of integration processes, the system precisely predicts and schedules cargo loading times, types, handling capacities, storage capacities, and weighing. NControl provides a platform for the management of transportation contracts and installs fraud prevention parameters. These measures translate to streamlined costs at every point; no unnecessary drivers, no shift downtime, no business interruption, no excess or shortage of trucks, and no demurrage.

Increased Accountability
As with all Nafith products, NControl creates increased accountability for all involved parties. The system tracks all details of the cargo type, load quantity, truck, loading time, discharge time and offloaded quantity. More importantly, these details are available instantaneously to all necessary parties so that potential errors or fraudulent activity can be detected before it becomes a financial loss.

Point to Point Integration
NControl uses RFID technology to integrate with weighbridges and electronic document interchanges: delivering value through broader visibility across the supply chain, more efficient inventory management, reduced labor cost, and significantly reduced human error.

Managing Loading and Offloading Queues
Through the same system, NCheck manages the truck queues present at the loading and offloading facility, by creating a transparent queuing system that minimizes congestion at the facility’s gates creating a streamlined operation.

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