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NCheck is an advanced weighbridge system; streamlining the weighing process to make it faster, more accurate and failsafe. NCheck combines Innovative Weighbridge Technology with RFID and Advanced Algorithms to identify and deter fraudulent activity, reduce human error, and streamline the weighing process.

Innovative Weighbridge Technology
NCheck applies reliable and innovative technology to allow a continuous and assured flow of truck weighing operations. NCheck works with a wide variety of models from several weighbridge manufacturers. NCheck’s potential can be maximized when using rugged self service terminals and digital load cells. NCheck functions with traditional weighbridges; reducing the stop time to just the time it takes to weigh and process trucks with up to five times faster.

Propiatory RFID Technology
Nafith’s signature RFID technology eliminates the need for paperwork, allowing the entire process to be completed within moments. All pertinent load information is saved within the truck’s unique RFID code, providing customs agencies, port authorities, shipping companies and weigh station operators with a failsafe method to ensure that the cargo weight is in accordance with what was originally reported - at every point along the route.

Advanced Algorithms
NCheck has built-in mechanisms to prevent both unintentional and deliberate human error. Nafith’s advanced algorithms combine information from the RFID tag, as well as other systems, collecting the truck’s cargo type, original weight, truck weight, driver weight, previous weights, attachments, UVSS images, and other variables to intelligently determine within seconds whether fraudulent behavior is in play. If the algorithims detect any discrepancies, NCheck alerts the operators and/or other entities immediately. Such data integration creates a connected network of weighbridges rather than islands.

NCheck revolutionizes your planned or existing weighbridge system to:
+ Integrate with existing data-provision systems in order to automate    Supply Chain Management.
+ Coordinate in real-time with local and national authorities to check that    all necessary permissions have been granted.
+ Provide advanced weighbridge hardware and software systems.
+ Intelligently weigh and process loads within seconds with up to 5x more    loads than traditional systems.
+ Incorporate a foolproof audit system to deter fraudulent behavior before    it happens.
+ Reduce human error, saving money for cargo owners.

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