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Custom BI
CustomsBI is an integrated Business Intelligence Platform explicitly designed for the Customs Sector and based on the WCO data model. It enables Customs authorities to make sustainable decisions based on facts that they can trust. CustomsBI provides automated data processing for all documents, processes, excise fees, cargo HS-Codes, transport modes, Customs centers, and provides more than 50 standardized KPI‘s and Reports in these categories, such as: Excise Fees Volumes Import & Export Value Cargo Volumes and Counts Immigration & Emigration Process Performance Examination & Violations

Secure Infrastructure
Transfer of data from Data Sources / Stakeholder Site is performed using state-of-the-art security mechanisms. Data is hosted in a highly protected and redundant storage system.

+ Ultra-high Protection of data
+ Trustworthy for all Stakeholders

Automated Data Processing & Quality Check
Customs BI can process any data format (XLS, XML, Flatfiles, Database) and automatically applies Data Quality Checks on every data load to ensure maximum accurcacy of data.

+ Minimal effort for data extraction on Data Sources.
+ Accurate reporting due to highly trustworthy data.

Based on the WCO Data Model
Interfaces, Processes and Reports are based on the WCO Data Model.

+ High level of standardization
+ Customs terminology
+ Compatible with standard Customs software
+ Enhances Single Window Environments

State-of-the-Art Reporting Capabilities
CustomsBI provides more than 50 KPI-Reports and Dashboards across all sectors. Additionally, more than 10 OLAP Reports across all transport modes and customs processes are provided.

+ Consistent Layout of Reports improves recognizability.
+ Flexible Reporting allows you to answer virtually any Customs
related questions

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