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Transport BI
Transport BI is an integrated Business Intelligence Platform explicitly designed for the Transportation Sector. It enables organisations to make sustainable decisions based on facts that can be verified. Transport BI provides automated data processing for all Transportation Modes (Air, Rail, Road, Sea) and provides more than 100 standardized KPI‘s and Reports in these categories, such as:

Cargo Transportation
Passenger Transportation
Regulation & Inspections
Financial Investments

Secure Infrastructure
Transfer of data from Data Sources / Stakeholder Site is performed using state-of-the-art security mechanisms. Data is hosted in a highly protected and redundant storage system.

+ Ultra-high Protection of data
+ Trustworthy for all Stakeholders

Automated Data Processing & Quality Check
Transport BI can process any data format (XLS, XML, Flatfiles, Database) and automatically applies Data Quality Rules on every processing activites to ensure maximum accurcacy of data.

+ Minimal effort for data extraction on Data Sources.
+ Accurate reporting due to highly trustworthy data.

Consolidation & Harmonisation
Data from different sources are consolidated across stakeholders and functional areas and stored in one common, comprehensive language. Calculation of KPIs is standardized and transparent within all reports.

+ High acceptance towards all Stakeholders
+ Single version of the truth

State-of-the-Art Reporting Capabilities
Transport BI provides more than 100 KPI-Reports and Dashboards across all sectors. Additionally, more than 20 OLAP Reports across all sectors and Functional Areas are provided.

+ Consistent Layout of Reports improves recognizability.
+ Flexible Reporting allows you to answer virtually any transport related questions

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